About Us

Dear Kansas City,

We think you’re pretty great.

Like our favorite t-shirt, you’re the kind of place we keep coming back to time and time again. Sewn together with tradition, entwined with thriving arts and culture, and weaved in with people you can truly count on; we’re proud to call this great place, home.

At The Kansas City Clothing Co., we know there’s a difference between that one great t-shirt and all the others in your drawer. Which is why we strive to create apparel that embodies the beating heart of this city we love so much. From hanging out in Westport to the listening to jazz on 18th and Vine to the Crossroads Art District and beyond; we’re the City of Fountains. Of Burnt Ends BBQ. Of The Plaza Country Club. Of Football Tailgates! A place where the person next door is not only your neighbor but a friend.

We know you love this town as much as we do. But it’s not just about repping hometown pride. In a city full of people loyal and dedicated to making it even better, we want to do our part to contribute. Which is why we believe in working alongside the Kansas City charities we partner with to allow us to do more than just give money. Every t-shirt bought from our store provides resources and creates awareness for local causes.

So next time someone asks you what’s your favorite city in the whole world, you can point to your shirt and say, this one.

Help us give back to the city we all love.

One great t-shirt at a time.



The Kansas City Clothing Co.