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  • Meet Nurses, Aimee & Sarah

    Posted on September 28 2016

    We had gotten ourselves to the downtown campus of Children's Mercy Hospital in a frenzy. We were sent there by a radiologist at CMH South who had just told us...

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  • Meet Dr. Ahmed, A True KC Hero

    Posted on September 27 2016

    Dr. Ahmed has one of those jobs you have to be called to do. He specializes in pediatric bone marrow and stem transplants. Jonah got the latter, a stem transplant,...

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  • Meet Jonah!

    Posted on September 26 2016

    Once in a blue moon a cell in a child’s adrenal will make a bad copy of itself and multiply. They call it Neuroblastoma. That’s what happened to Jonah, to...

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  • The Facts: Childhood Cancer With every order from our exclusive Superhero line, The Kansas City Clothing Co. will donate 50% back to the Supporting Kids Foundation.

    The Facts: Childhood Cancer

    Posted on August 31 2016

    September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month and The Kansas City Clothing Co. is excited to help raise money and awareness for no the Supporting Kids Foundation to help support...

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  • Attention Kansas City Superheroes: Help Local Cancer Families

    Posted on August 18 2016

    Buy a Shirt, Reveal Your True Identity The Kansas City Clothing Co. in partnership with KC’s Supporting Kids Foundation (SKF) has created, SUPERHEROES OF KC, a limited edition t-shirt line...

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