Superheroes of KC Origins: Lucy | by Annie Noll

Superheroes of KC Origins: Lucy | by Annie Noll

Here to serve as an ambassador for humanity’s grace, Lucy fights cancer and promotes peace on earth.

In June of 2008 in the City of Fountains, a little girl named Lucy was born to a family that believed in kindness above all else. The Weber family could see Lucy wasn’t like other children, she had an air of destiny.

At less than a year old, the red-haired girl was curious and strong-hearted. She was often watching people with her wise eyes, taking them in as though she could see to the soul. She would greet people with arms in the air, showing them what love looks like so they would take it and spread it.

Her mother could see Lucy would be called for something big, but she was scared.

The day before Lucy’s first birthday, cancer sent an evil form of itself to defeat her. AT/RT attacked in her brain aiming to stop the flow of kindness from Lucy to the world.

Down, but not out, super surgeons assisted Lucy by pulling AT/RT from her. Lucy then struck it again, this time with high dose concoctions of chemotherapy, but the dose was so strong it also hurt Lucy.

Outside of her hospital room, the people of the City of Fountains began helping each other, letting go of grievances, and cleaning up the metro.

On November 20, 2010, Lucy’s family, which believes in kindness above all else, set her soul free from AT/RT. They know what cancer doesn’t - that love never dies.  

Amidst a chorus of a thousand acts of kindness from the city she showed how to love, Lucy turned beyond human, she became compassion.


Lucy Collage

See one of the ways Lucy continues to spread the good in this world here:

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